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  • Mum & Me Fitness Class
    11.00 – 12.00
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Class Description

Mum and Me is a fitness class which allows mum’s to take part in fitness activities either with or without their child. We provide multiple different activities that can include your child or can be done by yourself. Our overall outcome from these fitness classes would be to tone BUMS and TUMS and to help you with a more healthier lifestyle. In these fitness classes the session will be an hour long which will include a warm up, stretches as well as a cool down which will be team building, social and most importantly fun. Key areas that we will be going through throughout the session will be core work such as your abdominal, upper body which includes your arms, back and shoulders as well as your legs which includes your thighs, calf and quads. Mum’s without children are also welcome! #You don’t have to be great to start!

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